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Your hair is your defining feature. So what happens when you start losing it?

Male pattern hair loss (MPHL) is extremely common and the older you get, the greater your chance of experiencing it. Respected Australian pharmacist, David Kleindyk (B.Pharm), created Harley from his own personal hair loss experience.

At Harley we help men take control of their hair. A medically prescribed hair treatment for men based on extensive science, Harley is clinically proven, easy to use and cost effective.

Start with a simple two minute online consultation and our doctors will determine if the Harley Hair Program is the answer for you. If so, you can start straight away with our once-a-day prescription only treatment and start seeing visible results within months. Our products are backed by our pharmacists and doctors, proven by science and designed to meet strict Australian standards.

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1. Free online consult

It only takes two minutes! Simply complete our online consultation. Press submit and one of our doctors will let you know immediately if Harley can help you. Once that’s complete we will provide you with an individualised prescription-only medical treatment best suited to your stage of hair loss and prior treatments.

2. Home delivery

Following your initial consultation, three months supply of your prescribed Harley program will be discreetly delivered to your door with full instructions. For your convenience you can then manage future orders online and have them delivered automatically every three to six months.

3. Make it your routine

The Harley program is easy – just make it part of your daily routine. Simply use the oral spray once per day and apply a non greasy gel to the scalp at either day or night. The whole process will take you less than two minutes. Stay disciplined and within a few months you’ll notice a difference.

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It’s easy

At Harley we make it easy to access clinically proven treatments without the need to visit your doctor, or the embarrassment of frequenting other hair loss clinics.

Our programs can be shipped Australia wide.

Using our “Auto Replenish” system you don’t even need to worry about ordering or running out of your treatment.

Unique formula

Our medically prescribed formulations are unique to Harley. Through years of experience our laboratory has continually improved our formulations to make them more effective and more cosmetically acceptable.

As a result, our program has improved compliance which results in improved treatment outcome. Harley also utilises boosters and penetration enhancers to ensure our treatments are best practice. At Harley we also use the highest quality active ingredients sourced from TGA approved suppliers.

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Harley utilises clinically proven medications researched with proven effectiveness for male pattern hair loss (MPHL).

We are confident we can not only stop further hair loss but actually restore some of the hair you may have lost in recent years.

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Your hair is not something you want to mess around with.

Our products are tailored for you. Clinically proven and backed by our pharmaceutical team.

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Pharmacist & Founder

A few years ago I discovered I was losing my hair.

I have to admit, it was a bit of a blow to the ego. Rather than take it lying down, I decided to do something about it.

I’m a pharmacist, so I did some pretty extensive research into the science of male pattern hair loss. I discovered that science did have the solutions, however sadly, most of the options available to men were either totally inconvenient, dodgy or cringeworthy. That’s why I created Harley.

Harley is about providing simple, effective hair treatment for men which is online, backed by doctors and pharmacists, and delivered to your door. And most importantly, it works.

I created Harley because I believe that you should never gamble with your hair. I use it myself, and if you’re suffering with male pattern hair loss, then I think you should too.

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