Harley is the love child of a very personal hair loss story – my own.

Some years ago my wife Mia noticed I was losing my hair, and she was brave (or crazy) enough to say something about it. From there, I went on a journey to research and understand what I could do about it.

After a lot of personal frustration and embarrassment, I decided there had to be a better option. I used my pharmaceutical knowledge and personal experience to develop my own product, Harley. The core principals behind the products were that it had to work, be convenient to use, and something men don’t need to be embarrassed about. I’m proud of what we have created. I use it myself,  and I hope we can help you too.


Meet the founders…

David Kleindyk
Founder & Director

David Kleindyk is the director and founder of Harley. A registered pharmacist, and also the director of Harley Compounding, a state of the art compounding lab in Sydney, David has close to 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has established numerous retail pharmacies

Mia Feasey

Mia Feasey is the co-founder of Harley, along with her husband David. Some could say she is the reason for Harley, because she was the one brave (or crazy) enough to mention his hair loss in the first place. Mia is also the director and founder of Siren Design a successful interior design business.