Sexual Side Effects with Finasteride for Hair Loss

There’s no doubt that many of you have searched for hair loss treatments online and inevitably stumbled across the various articles or topics in hair loss forums relating to side effects from Finasteride. As a result, when the word Finasteride comes to mind, the first thing a lot of people think about are the dreaded […]

What causes Male Pattern Hair Loss (aka. Androgenic Alopecia)?

Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL) is a common condition affecting half of all men by the time they reach the age of 50. So what is the cause of male pattern hair loss? Let’s look at the two main culprits responsible for this: Genes Hair loss due to MPHL occurs only if a person has […]

The social impact of male pattern hair loss (MPHL)

The main significance of MPHL is the social impact it has on people. Hair is an essential part of an individual’s self image and a major cause of stress when the initial effects of MPHL are noticed. Several studies have shown that the negative self-perception of balding men appears to be consistent between various countries […]

Six facts about Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL)

Here are six facts about male pattern hair loss you (MPHL) probably didn’t know: Hair loss is usually only noticeable after losing 50% of the normal scalp hair density. MPHL is genetic and progressive, if you don’t treat it be prepared to say goodbye There are a number of genes are responsible for MPHL and […]

Demystifying hair loss treatments

Studies have shown “Only 8% of non-balding men stated that going bald would concern them, while 50% with mild hair loss and 75% with moderate to severe hair loss were concerned.”   Dealing with Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL), men have the following options; Do nothing – hair loss will be progressive Toupee – commonly […]

The Hair growth cycle

To understand the mechanisms behind MPHL it is important to understand the hair growth cycle. Hair is lost and replaced cyclically. Follicles undergo corresponding cyclic phases of growth, involution, resting and regeneration. The hair growth cycle consists of three distinct stages – anagen, catagen and telogen phases. ANAGEN PHASE The growth phase, or anagen phase, […]