What is the Harley program and what does it involve?

Harley is a medical treatment program for Male Pattern Hair Loss.

To access our treatment programs simply complete our free online consult so we can assess if a medical treatment is appropriate for you.

If suitable one of our doctors will prescribe the most effective treatment based on your age, stage of hair loss and medical history.

In certain cases a phone or video call may be required to ensure we offer you the most appropriate treatment.

Programs are then discreetly dispatched to your address of choice.

What treatments are used as part of the program?

Unfortunately, due to Australian law we’re unable to name specific treatments used in our program until you’ve had a consultation with one of our practitioners.

For a free online consultation simply SCHEDULE A CALL (click link) or GET STARTED (click link) with our free online assessment to see if you’re suitable for treatment.


How much does it cost?

Most treatment programs cost $75  per month*

No contracts, No delivery fee, No hidden costs.


*Minimum investment of $225 if paying by monthly instalments (3 month supply)

What results can I expect from a Harley treatment?

Results may vary based on the type of program you’ve been prescribed and other factors including age, stage of hair loss and responsiveness to past treatments.

For the majority of clients our treatments can effectively stop further hair loss and regrow hair lost in recent years.

Medical treatments do have limitations and at this stage cannot restore hair lost 3 or more years ago.

How long does a Harley treatment program take to get results?

Initial changes can be seen 3-4 months after starting treatment.

Significant changes are generally seen with the naked eye in the second 6 months of treatment. Hair count will continue to increase up until 12 months which is the suggested time frame to assess the effectiveness of the program.

Are there side effects?

All prescription medications have the potential to cause side effects.

Once you’ve completed your consultation we’ll discuss the potential side effects of your suggested treatment and the likelihood of you experiencing them.

Is the Harley Hair Hero Program a “natural” treatment for MPHL?

Short answer is “No”. Unfortunately, there are no studies showing effectiveness of natural products to reverse or stop the progression of male pattern hair loss.

What is your cancellation policy?

Orders can be cancelled at any time without charge providing the products have not been dispatched already.

Note: Repeat orders will not be dispatched without ample communication via email and text.

Do you offer a refund or exchange on your products?

Outside of our 90 day money back guarantee, we are legally not able to exchange or refund a medicine once it has left the pharmacy due to storage and handling reasons.
However, should the product you receive be faulty for any reason we will send you a replacement as soon as the goods are returned to us.

What is the minimum order quantity?

All programs are dispensed with 3 months supply.

How do I reorder my Harley products when supplies are running low?

Once you start the program our team will be in contact to make sure you never run out of treatment. However, should you need your treatment supplied earlier than normal due to travel or other circumstances you can send us an email or pick up the phone and we will dispatch your next treatment within 24hrs.


Is male pattern hair loss hereditary?

Male pattern hair loss is hereditary and caused by the person inheriting “hair loss genes”. In men, genes can come from one or both parents and if they are passed down from either side, the man is likely to experience balding. Scientists believe baldness anywhere in your family may be a sign of your own impending fate.

Is it normal to lose hair from our early 30s?

Hair loss can happen at any age and 30% of males in their thirties are bald, whilst 50% of men by the age of 50 are bald. In its extreme form, some males start to lose their hair at the age of sixteen and are almost entirely bald by the time they reach their early twenties.

If I go bald, am I more likely to have a heart attack?

To some extent, this is true. Studies published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2008 found that men who lose their hair at the crown have a 40% increased chance of coronary heart disease and a receding hairline points to an increased risk of 28%. So if you have male pattern baldness you should stop smoking, eat healthily, have your blood pressure checked and do regular appropriate exercise.

Is it true that stress can cause hair loss?

Sometimes stress can play a role in diffuse loss. Stress-induced loss ordinarily regrows within a year of eliminating the cause.
Stress because your late for work or have a heavy work load is not going to affect your body in such a way to cause your hair to fall out.
Stressors which could cause your body to undergo hair loss include;

  • A strict low calorie diet
  • Prolonged severe emotional stress
  • Severe illness
  • High fever
  • Major surgery
  • Severe infections

Can the way I style my hair cause hair loss?

How you style your hair, along with the styling tools you use can cause significant damage to your hair and in some cases hair loss.
Years of wearing your hair in a style that pulls on the hair such as a ponytail and braids can cause a type of hair loss known as traction alopecia.
Products such as gels, hair sprays, bleaching, colouring as well as ironing and blow drying can tend to cause the hair to break in some circumstances however they do not cause male pattern baldness.

Can heat sources, hairdryers, rollers, straighteners etc make hair fall out?

This is true. Extreme heat will damage the proteins in the hair. They will become brittle making them making liable to break off rather than coming out at the root.

Does vigorous brushing prevent hair loss by stimulating circulation?

This is incorrect. Running a brush or comb too hard through your hair puts a lot of physical stress on the hair fibre and can cause the hair to break. To improve circulation in the scalp, massage it with your fingers.

Does hair “need to breathe”? Will wearing hats encourage hair loss?

Hair does not breathe. The only part of the hair that is alive and taking oxygen, is the part that is attached to the scalp and it receives all the oxygen it needs from the blood supply. Wigs, toupees and hats can cause problems but only through being too tight and causing breakage through friction.

Does washing your hair too often increase hair loss?

Washing your hair does not increase hair loss.
The actual act of shampooing, building it up into a lather, you might be rubbing your head more vigorously, so you’re actually just dislodging hairs that are on their way out or have fallen out, and are just kind of stuck in your hair.  So, in fact, you’re not losing more hair, you’re just washing them out more effectively as part of the natural growth cycle.
The growing part of the hair is buried under the scalp and so is not affected by the act of washing.

Do protein rich conditioners and shampoos nourish the hair and help it to grow?

The proteins contained within conditioners and shampoos only temporarily fill in defects on the surface of the hair shaft, making it smoother and thicker. Since these proteins do not and cannot get to the hair follicle itself, they cannot “nourish” the hair nor can they encourage its growth.

Can shampoo make a difference for hair loss?

Ketoconazole and caffeine are the only ingredients that have small clinical trials providing evidence they may be beneficial in male pattern hair loss (MPHL).
Ketoconazole (Nizoral) 2% which is an anti-fungal medication is believed to work due to its intrinsic anti-inflammatory effect. Sometimes inflammation plays a significant role in typical male pattern baldness
It is also believed to exhibit an anti-androgen effect – it can potentially block the effects of DHT, the major hormone involved in MPHL. Studies have shown benefit using a 2% shampoo 2-4 times per week.
Caffeine is thought to work in cells by promoting proliferation of cells by stimulating cell metabolism – a mechanism which would counteract testosterone/DHT induced miniturisation of the hair follicle.
Small studies suggest using a shampoo or other topical treatment containing Caffeine used daily can result in a decrease in hair loss and improved hair and scalp conditions.
Both Ketoconazole and caffeine may be beneficial as an adjunct treatment for MPHL.
Any other shampoos claiming they work for thinning hair do nothing other than fatten the existing hair follicles, giving the illusion of thicker hair. While this can be very useful, it should not be confused with actually helping stop or reverse thinning hair.