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1. Free Online Consultation

It only takes two minutes! Simply complete our online questionnaire (Get Started) and one of our doctors will let you know immediately if you are suffering from male pattern hair loss. Once that’s complete we will provide you with an individualised prescription-only medical treatment best suited to your stage of hair loss and prior treatments.

2. Free Home Delivery

Following your initial consultation, you are set up for instalments of $99/month for the first three months and the products will be discreetly delivered free to your door with full instructions. For your convenience you can then manage future orders online and have them delivered automatically every three to six months.

3. Make It Your Routine

The Harley program is easy – just make it part of your daily routine. Simply use the oral spray under the tongue and apply a non greasy gel to the scalp once a day. The whole process will take you less than two minutes. Stay disciplined and within a few months you’ll notice a difference. Need support along the way – you’ve got it.

Our Products.....

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our products

For the man that won’t take it lying down. 
High strength dual combination treatment used once a day.
Under the tongue sublingual spray and gel applied to the scalp.
Take back what is rightfully yours.


When the big guns are needed, this is your program.
Super strength dual combination treatment used once a day.
Under the tongue sublingual spray and gel applied to the scalp.
Be a super hero, save your follicles. 
The one size fits all approach doesn’t suit the modern day hero. This program is for those that need to use a different technique to get results. Some say sensitive, we say “modern day”.
Dual combination gel applied to the scalp backed up with our nutritional booster once daily.
Who says you can’t have it all.
Becoming a dad will bring you to a new level of hero. This doesn’t mean you have to let go of your hair in the process.
For those trying to conceive or with partners pregnant or breastfeeding.
Our high strength gel applied to the scalp backed up by our super nutritional booster will help your swimmers and your hair.
Buy some time, continue the fight.

OUR PRICE & more

$99 per month

**Optional Nutritional Booster for an extra $20 per month on selected programs** 


3 months supply


monthly instalments 

no contracts – no hidden bits

no risk

(Love it within 90 days or your money back)

no worries

(Once you’ve settled in no need to re-order, we’ll take care of that) 


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