Six facts about Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL)

Here are six facts about male pattern hair loss you (MPHL) probably didn’t know:

  1. Hair loss is usually only noticeable after losing 50% of the normal scalp hair density.
  2. MPHL is genetic and progressive, if you don’t treat it be prepared to say goodbye
  3. There are a number of genes are responsible for MPHL and they probably come from BOTH parents (not passed down from the mothers side of the family as many people believe)
  4. 50% of men have MPHL by the age of 50.
  5. One study suggests only 8% of non-balding men stated that going bald would not concern them, while 50% with mild hair loss and 75% with moderate to severe hair loss were concerned.
  6. MPHL makes up 95% of all hair loss in men.

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