Don’t take our word for it.
Hear from the successful Harley The Hair Hero clients who
we’ve helped over the journey.

“Harley is easy to use and the results came much quicker than I expected, I wasn’t expecting much at 4 or 5 months. It beats all of the other treatments I have tried in the past in terms of quality, results and cost”

James R

“More than happy with initial results, both product and service have been great so far.”

Jimmy S

“I have tried many treatments before, Harley is easy and effective.”

Roger R

“I was sceptical at first but thought it was worth a try, I now feel confident my hair is not going anywhere”

Rashid S

“I was trying natural treatments for my hair loss without success, Harley has been the only product to make a real difference”

Sachin S

“Harley has been awesome, my hair was disappearing rapidly which is not great for confidence. I not only stopped losing hair but actually got some back! I highly recommend for anyone that wants a simple effective treatment”

Chris R

“Early days but so far so good, I definitely believe something is happening. The products are great, no side effects. I am looking forward to seeing it at 12 months”

Jason B

“Quick and easy, I definitely have more hair than before”

Daniel R

“I have noticed a big difference since using Harley, My hair is much thicker and it is easy to use which means its is easy to maintain. I know without Harley I would have very little hair left”

Mark L

“It is a good thing I got onto it early, no more hair in the sink and my hair is definitely thicker. It has certainly given me peace of mind that I will have hair for years to come”


“I changed over from another hair clinic, Harley is much more convenient and cost effective to use. Great customer service, nothing is a problem”

“I was considering a hair transplant but thought I would give Harley a go for 12 months and see the results first. It was much better than expected, Thanks Harley”

Pete C

“The spray and the gel are fantastic, I am not the most routine guy but these were easy to use every day. My wife (and I) has been very happy with the results”

Sven T