The Condition: Common

It’s not until you start losing your own hair that you start to notice how many people around you are in the same boat.
The facts are 30% of men at 30, 40% at 40 and 50% at 50 years of age are also losing their hair.
Most men will be confronted with hair loss at some stage in their life, fortunately it is now a choice.

The Cause: Genetic

95% of male hair loss is genetic, so you can thank your parents for that. Genetically your hair follicles are sensitive to a hormone called DHT (Dihydro-testosterone), which basically reduces the length of time hair is in the growth phase for in addition to causing the hair follicle to shrink over time. This results in shorter, finer hair over the years until finally nothing comes out.
For the other 5% that’s not genetic, it can be the result of nutritional deficiency, hormone imbalance, severe stress (trauma), fungal infection or other causes.

The Cure: …not yet 

It’s not all bad news though. Medical treatment can increase hair count and prevent further hair loss in over 90% of people. Early intervention is the key for best results so don’t think about it for too long..


Hair loss is only noticeable when 50% of it is already gone.

Looking in the mirror everyday makes it impossible to see the small changes happening on the scalp as we age. Most hair follicles have 2-3 hairs growing out of them, some may even hold 4-5 hairs. So by the time you notice your hair thinning, half of those are already gone.


How to spot MPHL before it’s too late

Things you might be starting to notice:

  • Thinning hair at the front of the scalp or on the crown
  • More hair falling out in the shower or on your pillow
  • Friends or family make a comment about your hair
  • Family history (Dad, mum, uncle, brother, cousin)
  • Comparison of old photos
  • You’re starting to adjust your hair style or hair product to accommodate for changes

It’s proven…

Good science

Easy to use

As blokes we tend to be pretty good at procrastinating about things when it’s a bit tricky. But hair loss is something you should take seriously.

The truth is if you think you are losing your hair, you have lost about 50% of it already. Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL) is a gradual process and only becomes cosmetically visible at this stage. Unfortunately it is genetically pre-determined and if left untreated will continue to progress as you age. Although there is not yet a cure for MPHL, we do know enough about it to successfully treat it medically and stop it in its tracks.

If you think you might be losing your hair then we recommend completing our online consultation. That way you can get a real sense of what’s possible, and start reversing your hair loss sooner rather than later. It’s not painful, it won’t take long, and there is no cost involved to complete the consultation so why not start now?

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