Male Pattern Hair Loss

The social impact of male pattern hair loss (MPHL)

By January 6, 2018 March 22nd, 2018 No Comments

The main significance of MPHL is the social impact it has on people. Hair is an essential part of an individual’s self image and a major cause of stress when the initial effects of MPHL are noticed.

Several studies have shown that the negative self-perception of balding men appears to be consistent between various countries (10, 11, 12) – this is quite a normal response.

However, this negative impact is often trivialized or ignored by unaffected people (13).

It also seems that the perception by others may compound the psychological problems suffered by balding men. Of note was a Korean study (12) that showed the perception of bald men looking less attractive was found in more than 90% of subjects surveyed. Importantly, this view was more common in women than non-balding men. Such negative perceptions may further impair the social functioning of balding men.

With this being said most men affected with MPHL cope well, without significant impact on their psychosocial function. The most distressed balding men are those with more extensive hair loss, those who have very early onset and those that deem their balding as progressive (13).

The positive side to this piece of information is that something can be done about it, especially if action is taken at the onset of MPHL.


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